Choose The Best of the Wurst at Banter During RNC

[image-1]Now more than ever, Clevelanders need a healthy sense of humor, and Matthew Stipe and his partners at Banter Beer & Wine have that in spades. In an attempt to lighten the mood during the RNC, the team has decided to host a “Best of the Wurst” contest at their Detroit Shoreway sausage and poutine restaurant and bottle shop.

“Election season is upon us and Ohio is once again a swing state,” Stipe says. “It’s time to vote red or blue, democrat or republican, and now Trumpwurst or Hillarywurst.”

During the RNC, Banter will be dishing up two very unique sausages – one made in “honor” of Hillary, one made in “honor” of Trump – that diners can order, eat and decide which wurst is best.

The Trumpwurst features a “beautiful house-made hotdog, super-classy potato bird’s nest, the best ketchup, the greatest nacho cheese, and not a loser jalapeno relish.”

The Hillarywurst is a “house-made hot dog with Benghazi BBQ sauce, razorback pulled pork, and Big Apple slaw.”

The promotion, which also benefits local food banks, will run from Friday July 15th to Thursday July 21st.

“People should vote with their head, most vote with the heart, but with this we allow people to vote with their stomach," says Stipe. "It’s going to be HUUUGE."