Decent Promo Vid for 'Cleveland Hustles,' Premiering Next Month

Cleveland Hustles, the LeBron-James produced CNBC original series premiering next month, will bring four new businesses to the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. 

Focusing on Cleveland's spirit of entrepreneurship and its blue-collar heritage, the promo above hints at the upcoming show's vibe and look.

As evidenced almost immediately, the Cleveland boosterism is getting a little stale these days, a little pre-packaged, but the show should indeed continue to place Cleveland in (at least the corner of) the national spotlight. FWIW. 

Brewnuts makes an appearance. So, too, does Anne Hartnett of Harness Cycle and a slew of other local doers and makers. They all reflect on what "Cleveland Hustles" means to them.  

Working hard, they say. Getting up early and staying up late. Just grinding.