Punk Rockers Blink-182 Deliver an Impressive Set of Hits at Blossom

Concert Review

For nearly three decades, Blink-182 has molded and shaped the punk scene; from 1999's Enema of the State to their most recent album, California, Blink-182 continuously proves that it has what it takes to be at the top of the pyramid, and last night’s concert at Blossom was no exception. You can see a slideshow of photos from the concert here

The thunder and lightning that struck during the band’s set took second stage to the group’s performance as Blink-182 delivered an impressive set intertwined with songs both old and new. There was never a dull moment. Elaborate, crackling fireworks on stage appropriately set the mood for a night that demonstrated just how many hits the band has had.

When the group played songs such as “What’s My Age Again?” and “Bored To Death,” fans went wild with every guitar chord struck. The band played “What’s My Age Again?” a little differently live, offering a more stripped down sound. It wasn't as high-energy as the recorded version, but it was equally as good. Other highlights included “The Rock Show” and “Bored To Death,” arguably one of the best tracks on California and proof that the band's ability to produce hits hasn't declined.