Locally Based EarthQuaker Devices to Launch Line of Comic Books

Known for the effects pedals that its employees make one-at-a-time by hand, the Akron-based effects pedal company EarthQuaker Devices has just announced it will launch EarthQuaker Comics with the release of Octo Skull, its first comic book, on September 1.

According to a press release about the venture, “Octo Skull is an epic fantasy adventure set in a magical and unforgiving universe with characters and locations inspired by the company’s colorful and inventive line of musical effects pedals.” It follows Octo Skull, a “legendary barbarian warrior,” on a quest through the haunted Ghost Echo canyon to the murky Depths as he attempts to defend the world from the demonic bad guy, Hoof Reaper.

EarthQuaker Devices staff artist Matt Horak (The Covenant, Space Stepdad, Dr. Crowe) will write and draw the comics which will feature colors by Chris O’Halloran (Star Wars Rebels, Star Trek: Waypoint) and letters by Crank! (Rick and Morty, Battlepug).

The five-page online prologue will launch at EarthQuakerDevices.com. New pages will premiere every Tuesday and Thursday. The comics will also feature an exclusive soundtrack with original music by EarthQuaker Devices artists.