Walk Through This Cavs-Inspired Corn Maze at Mapleside Farms in Two Weeks

Courtesy Mapleside Farms

There have been celebrations upon celebrations after the Cavs' championship but the most unique yet may be this giant corn maze in Brunswick, opening to the public soon.

Words in the maze,  located at Mapleside Farms, spell out "Homegrown Hero" and "Believeland," and includes LeBron's profile and the Larry O'Brien trophy.

"The positive effect on everyone has been amazing to see, and it's probably the reason why all three of our boys instantly thought of what LeBron and the Cavs accomplished when we asked them what we should put in our corn maze this year," Mapleside owner Greg Clement said in a release, giving credit to his sons who came up with the design.

The maze will open to the general public on September 10 at Mapleside's Fall Festivals and Pumpkin Village.