Café Falafel, the Popular Middle Eastern Shop in Kamm's Corners, is Closing Tonight

Café Falafel, the popular three-year-old Middle Eastern eatery by Fairview Hospital, has closed. Its last day of service was Wednesday. The small mostly carry-out spot did amazing things with hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, shish tawook and falafel, which remains one of my favorite versions of the dish.

On Facebook, owner Ehab Enaia offered his fans short notice and a concise goodbye without elaborating on his decision. Reaching him by phone on Thursday, Enaia had a moment to elaborate about the closure and his future plans.

“With two young kids and a baby on the way, it’s too much,” he says. “It’s like I bought myself a big present and locked myself inside it day and night for three years. At the end of the day, nothing compares to family.”

While dreams of a future full-service Middle Eastern restaurant closer to the heart of town exist, Enaia says that a more realistic and appealing option might be a food truck that can do catering, private parties, corporate lunches and seasonal events.

One silver lining is the amount of business his and Scene’s announcement of the impending closure generated on his last day.

“We got hit like a tornado,” he said. “Honestly, I never thought for one second that there was all this love and support from people. It was insane.”

We’ll keep you posted on any future falafel developments.