Band of the Week: Dreamers

MEET THE BAND: Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals) and Jacob Wick (drums)

THE BROOKLYN SOUND: Wold and Nelson started the alt-rock band in Brooklyn where they lived for ten years. Wold had been in another band that broke up and teamed up with Nelson to release the single "Wolves (You Got Me)," which got some airplay on satellite radio. The two relocated to Los Angeles and added Wick to the lineup. Wold actually wrote much of its new album, This Album Does Not Exist, in Brooklyn before moving to L.A. where it tracked the songs at Fairfax Recordings (formerly Sound City Studios).

WITHOUT A HOME: Homeless for a period in 2014, Wold took the opportunity to spend some serious time working on his songwriting skills. "I lived in our practice space because rent was so expensive in New York," he says. "I cut my shifts down at the bar where I worked and spent the rest of the time to work on music. I was living in this tiny cinderblock box and felt like I had to write my way out of there."

IT STARTED AS JOKE: Because band members are infatuated with existentialist philosophy, they thought it would be funny to call their album, This Album Does Not Exist. "I've always been interested in philosophy and why we're on this tiny blue dot of a planet," says Wold. "I feel like I learned how to be a person by watching John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. There's a moral philosophy for that. With a name like Dreamers, we want to explain what we do with our lives. There are lots of takes on existentialism, but I find it uplifting."

WHY YOU SHOULD HEAR THEM: The new album features a mix of rock and pop that the band dubs "cosmic rock." The careening "Never Too Late to Dance" recalls the Killers in their prime and loud-to-quiet dynamics of "Sweet Disaster" compare favorably to Weezer. "I love music that's deep, but my favorite band growing up was the Beatles," says Wold. "I grew up when Nirvana was the be all and end all. They took punk rock songs at the time and turned them into these terrific pop songs. We aim to do something similar."


WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM: Dreamers perform with the Mowgli's and Kid Runner at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30 at the Beachland Ballroom. Tickets are $17 ADV, $20 DOS,