East Cleveland Doesn't Have an Ambulance

click to enlarge EAST CLEVELAND FIRE DEPT.
The latest headline out of East Cleveland once again puts residents on high alert: There is no working ambulance in the city, so only call 9-1-1 if you've got a "true medical emergency that REQUIRES an ambulance transport."

An ambulance donated from Mayfield Heights broke down after three days of operation. (See photo.) 

From the fire department: "We are currently relying on mutual aid ambulances from the surrounding communities, and they must be utilized for serious medical calls only. ECFD will still respond to all EMS calls today in our Engine, staffed with Paramedics, and equipped with everything an ambulance carries, with exception of a stretcher and the ability to transport you."

The news comes as a concerning new addition to the city's ongoing fiscal emergency — the backdrop to conversations about a merger with the city of Cleveland and about the upcoming mayoral recall vote.

For those who live in the service area, do follow the firefighters union's Facebook page for updates.