Once Again, Someone Dumped a Giant Pile of Manure Outside the Warren County Democratic Party HQ

Warren County Democratic Party FB
UPDATE: Police arrested James Pinell for the weekend manure escapades in Warren County. He also took credit for the 2012 incident. (See full story below.)


In what's become something of a rather involved four-year tradition, someone dumped a giant pile of manure outside the Warren County Democratic Party headquarter this weekend. The same thing happened 2012.

So this time around, party leadership is kind of unimpressed. “We have cameras, so the perps will hopefully be responsible for their actions,” the Warren County party wrote on Facebook.

The Warren County Republican Party made a point of denying any involvement — and even offered to help clean up the mountain of muck.

“Having this happen again was a disappointment, but we simply had it cleaned up and kept on working with our volunteers and concentrating on getting out our voters,” Democratic party chairwoman Bethe Goldenfield told BuzzFeed News.

Say what you will, but at least the pile-of-manure schtick is an old-school move. None of that alt-right Pepe meme nonsense.

Onward and upward!