Community Potluck Planned for this Saturday, March 25th at Cleveland Hostel

This Saturday, March 25th, you’re invited to attend a community potluck at the Cleveland Hostel that celebrates Cleveland’s multi-cultural neighbors. The free and open event takes place 3-6 p.m. at the Cleveland Hostel.

“In response to the current issues surrounding immigration and the strong need we feel to do something meaningful in light of these difficult times, myself and a few friends are planning a community potluck at The Cleveland Hostel,” says organizer Ashley Shaw. “We are excited to host the event at the Hostel, a place that regularly welcomes people from all over the world!”

Attendees are encouraged to bring a dish – especially those that express one’s unique cultural heritage – to share with the group. Organizers are working with local groups like Global Cleveland, The Refugee Response and US Together to help spread the word throughout Cleveland’s immigrant community.

“We feel the best way to bring people together is over a good meal, so the concept is simple: everyone brings a dish to share and we’ll take care of the rest,” adds Shaw.

Shaw states that although the event is billed as an apolitical one, the motivations behind it are too hard to ignore.

“We share the same anger, uncertainty, and frustration that many do, and we feel compelled to channel our energy in positive ways that lift those around us,” she says. “We are disheartened by how this climate must be personally affecting international residents here in Cleveland. Our city is built on multi-cultural heritage and tradition; on neighbors who have moved to this city from every corner and have enriched all of our lives with their contributions and friendship.”

If all goes as planned, future potlucks will take place in other locations in town.

Check out the Facebook event page here.