Local Singer to Donate Proceeds from New Single's Sales to Charity That Prevents Sex Trafficking

Ten years ago, local soul singer Lauren Lanzaretta visited a small orphanage behind a pig farm in the village of Krasang, Thailand. While there, she learned about how Thai children have been sold into the sex trade. She channels that experience into her new single, the piano ballad “Something Won’t Let Me Down,” which she just released today.

The song is the first single from her upcoming album, Deliverance.

“I wrote ‘Something Won’t Let Me Drown’ during a very hard time in my life,” Lanzaretta says in a press release announcing the song's release. “It’s about feeling like your entire life is about to unravel, feeling shaken and hopeless, but there’s something, there’s always something that won’t let you drown. I wanted to get very vulnerable on this EP, because right now, people need hope. In a fame-obsessed culture, people need someone to stand up and say, ‘I struggle too and it’s okay.’ Kids are overdosing on heroine and taking their own lives, so it’s not about music anymore, it’s about lifting people up out of the darkness.”

Lanzaretta will donate all proceeds from sales of the new single to Remember Nhu, an organization that aims to keep children safe from sex trafficking.

"I met the most beautiful children in Thailand; they were so full of hope and life because of [the charity] Remember Nhu," she explains. "They provide children a bright future by preventing them from entering the sex trade, and providing all their needs; emotionally, spiritually, and also educationally."