12 Ohio Puppy Mills Rank Among the Worst in U.S.

click to enlarge 12 Ohio Puppy Mills Rank Among the Worst in U.S.
Photo via Humane Society/Facebook
A dozen Ohio puppy mills were called out earlier this month after making the Humane Society's "Horrible Hundred," a list of mills in violation of animal cruelty laws (just as awful as it sounds).

Common violations are the sale of underage puppies or failure to produce adequate veterinary records. But other mills take cruelty to the extreme.

At a mill in Walhonding, Ohio, inspectors found dead puppies decomposing and matted dogs running loose. A fire at Evergreen Designer LLC in Charm, Ohio, trapped and killed an undisclosed number of animals. This mill is a repeat offender, with previous reports from the USDA of dogs with painful skin and hair conditions.

The Humane Society's report was more difficult to compile this year due to the USDA's removal of animal welfare reports and enforcement records from their website. The information in this year's Horrible Hundred is based off of preserved USDA records, consumer complaints, media reports and court documents.

Problem puppy mills are nothing new in Ohio. Be sure to check out some of our coverage from past years right here and here.