Cleveland Took Solace in Lots of Porn After the Cavs Lost Game 5 of the NBA Finals

What did Clevelanders do after watching our beloved Cavaliers lose a 4-1 series to the Warriors in the NBA Finals? Sure, some of us fired off some fire Tweets and went to bed or maybe switched the tube to the Golden Girls or something to avoid the confetti-filled celebration at Oracle arena on SportsCenter. Many others, apparently, channeled their sadness and late-Monday night void into some prime porn time.

Pornhub mined its data from the NBA Finals for users in the Bay and Cleveland areas and came up with the not-too-surprising conclusion that Cavs fans took recovery from the depressing result into their own hands at a healthy clip: Traffic from Northeast Ohio spiked 28% between midnight and 1 a.m. that night as Golden State pulled away and fans went looking for something else to pull.

Traffic nationwide was down about 8% during the game (15% in San Fran and 17% in Cleveland) until the Warriors' won. All the sticky details in Pornhub's chart below.