Ohio Receives 185 Medical Marijuana Grow License Applications, Only Has 24 to Give

[image-1]With last week's deadline in the rearview, the state of Ohio has gathered 185 applications to grow medical marijuana. There are only 24 that can be given.

Of the licenses, 12 growers ("cultivators" is the preferred nomenclature) will be allowed to use up to 3,000 square feet of space; 12 will be using up to 25,000 square feet. The licenses are expected to be divvied up evenly by quadrant, so that Northeast Ohio will see six cultivators up here.

Ohio's medical marijuana law was approved last summer and went into effect last fall, though the cultivation and dispensary licenses are still being hashed out. It is legal to use medical marijuana with a prescription, but that prescription can really only be obtained in a very few places (like Toledo's Holistic Center) and the marijuana must be purchased in nearby Michigan. The whole thing has been fairly complicated and muddied, but the state insists that its own program will be fully functional by next fall.