Band of The Week: The Dream Masons

Meet the Band: Eric Hellinger (guitar), Annastacia (vocals), Austin Harpel (drummer), Phillip Martin (bass)

A RANDOM MEETING: The Dream Masons began a couple of years ago as Hello Violet, a band that came together around singer Annastacia. She says she "knew of" guitarist Eric Hellinger from other musicians, then heard him play at Mohawk Studios in Huron where she was recording her "folk-y" solo project. "I met all the guys in the band at studios," says Annastacia. "We were all working on other projects, but it was a meant-to-be type of thing. We came together first as musicians and then had to learn to be friends. We've finally gotten there."

THE NAME CHANGE: The band had played around town, and even cut an album, as Hello Violet, when Annastacia met a touring musician who told her about an up-and-coming band named Hey Violet. "I want to be gone and done with Hello Violet, but I know that is our foundation," she says. "I disliked being compared to this other band and didn't want people to be confused by that. Right after that conversation [about Hey Violet], I called the guys and told them we had to figure something out." Dream Masons were born.

WHY YOU SHOULD HEAR THEM: A few months ago, the band released the bluesy single "Another Great Day," a song that commences with a bit of whistling before the sultry vocals kick in. The band's "Coastin'" will be out in a few weeks. Dream Masons recorded at Broadwaves Studio in Lorain County. "I love the warmth and creativity of the tracking and I love the fact that Luke Theall, who runs Broadwaves, says what you need to know and just doesn't tell you to record." The upcoming release show at Mahall's serves as a celebration of the release of "Coastin'" and the release of a music video for "All or Nothing." "We decided to drop a bomb and release both at the same time," says Annastacia. "For the music video, we set things on fire. I was hosed down multiple times. We filmed at a 200-year-old church and out on Lake Erie for two hours." The band has recorded another single that will be out before the year's end and has enough songs for a full-length. It's also continuing to explore its unique approximation of the blues. "Eric is a diehard blues fan," says Annastacia, "but for me, I have a soft Disney Princess voice. I can only sing certain things. If I calm down and speak slowly, I can coax out a fuller richer tone."


WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM: The Dream Masons perform with Window Dogs and Glowing Moses at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 29, at Mahall's.