Cedar Point Announces New Record-Breaking Hybrid Coaster for 2018

click to enlarge Cedar Point Announces New Record-Breaking Hybrid Coaster for 2018
Zach Zelman photo
Goodbye, Mean Streak.

Earlier today, Cedar Point announced a new roller coaster, Steel Vengeance, would take the Mean Streak's place at the park next year. And the new hybrid scream machine, made of steel track and wood supports, is set to feature a far more thrilling experience than its predecessor.

The new ride includes a 205-foot first drop and top speeds of 74 miles per hour, both of which are records for hybrids. Additionally, the coaster will break records as the longest hybrid (5740 feet) with the most upside down maneuvers (four). Finally, the ride features an astounding. 27.2 seconds of air time. In total, the ride will break an astounding 15 combined world, hybrid and park records.

For several years, rumors circulated that the park had plans to transform the ride into a hybrid, and coaster enthusiasts from around the world have closely followed the transition of the ride from Mean Streak into Steel Vengeance.

Rocky Mountain Construction, the company building the new roller coaster, has recently gained a reputation for creating top-tier hybrids using systems that transforms old wooden roller technology into a completely new experience. One of their most famous rides, Dollywood's Lightning Rod, the first-ever wooden launch roller coaster, won best new roller coaster last year.

So to say that Steel Vengeance is one of the most anticipated rides of this century, isn't off base. Unfortunately, the coaster won't open to the public until next May. Yes, that's 19 months of construction time.

In the meantime, here's a look at what you can expect from the ride: