Cloud Nothings Release New Music Video and Announce Fall Tour with Japandroids

click to enlarge Cloud Nothings Release New Music Video and Announce Fall Tour with Japandroids
Jesse Lirola
Coming off a great summer that included performances at festivals such as Panorama and Lollapalooza, local indie rockers Cloud Nothings have just released a new music video for "Up to the Surface.” According the press release announcing the video’s release, it “marks a tonal shift from what fans have come to expect" from a Cloud Nothings video as the band enlisted multimedia artist AUJIK to create the clip.

"I really liked AUJIK's previous work, especially the Spatial Bodies videos he has on his Vimeo, so got in touch and asked him to make something along those lines for ‘Up To The Surface,’” says Baldi in the press release. “He agreed way more heartily than I thought he would and decided to make a sort of continuation of that Spatial Bodies series, but this time with more focus on the hobbies of little blocky computer people. I think they're cute, even though they inhabit some kind of desolate future void world."

AUJIK says that he intended for the video to depict "a Brutalist version of Kyoto and its suburbs from the perspective of a Japanese giant hornet."

"It sweeps through convenience stores, classrooms, Shinto temples, zen gardens and humongous Brutalist structures; witnessing all sorts of human behaviors before it reach its hive," he says. "It's a comment on the absurdity of modern life seen in a future nostalgic context. [It's] influenced by South Korean Brutalist architect Lee Guō and Italian futurist Antonio Sant'Elia."

Cloud Nothings also announced they'll hit the road again in October for a fall tour with Japandroids.