Cleveland Antiquarian Book & Paper Show to Feature Roadshow-Style Book Evaluations

The Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society (N.O.B.S.) dedicates itself to “the recognition, dissemination, and preservation of fine and antiquarian books.”

Each year, the organization holds two annual antiquarian book fairs in addition to publishing a quarterly newsletter with “articles of interest” to members. The group's goal is to “broaden public awareness of book collecting and book arts, to stimulate the book trade, and to encourage the scholarly appreciation of publishing history.”

The organization has just announced that its seventh annual Cleveland Antiquarian Book & Paper Show will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 10, at the Shaker Heights Country Club.

“The event is large yet intimate,” says longtime book enthusiast Judy Eskin in a press release announcing this year’s event. “You run into friends and wonderful items that you somehow never notice when you visit the bookstores.”

Roadshow-style free book evaluations will return this year, and each guest may bring up to three books for a professional, informal evaluation during the Book Show.

Admission is $6.