Hunting Valley is So Rich that U.S. Census Bureau Can't Even

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Northeast Ohio's 10 Wealthiest Suburbs
Hunting Valley continues to outpace the rest of Cleveland's suburbs in both median household income and median home value by eye-popping margins.

Its denizens are so wealthy that the U.S. Census Bureau can't even accurately measure median home income. Since 2009, via Crains, the census bureau has populated that particular data cell with "$200,000+."

Could be $240,000. Could be a bajillion dollars. Who's to say?

Only Bentleyville, with an estimated median home income of $200,000, comes close. (N.B. The data on smaller suburbs can be spotty, given the sample size. The above has been compiled from the census bureau's American Community Survey covering 2011-2015.)

In the category of home values, Hunting Valley is in a stratosphere all its own. With a median home value of $1,157,600, Hunting Valley's stock is worth more than double the homes in Waite Hill ($563,800) and Bentleyville ($553,200), the second- and third-ranked burbs in that category.

Sounds like the perfect venue for a Frank Jackson fundraiser.