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Re: “News Flash from 60 Minutes; Cleveland has a foreclosure problem!

WOW get some help dude. Now I actually like the limits on words.I will let you in on a secret.Except for the story on the 23 year old who paid a gazillion dollars for a condo we all have problems. I own a real estate brokerage in Cleveland so tell me about it.
Truth is these homes are in great condition and I have buyers for them if the city or the banks would let us sell them in our structured financing program. We guarentee full price by the way.
Tearing down homes that are in perfect condition when families need homes seems sinister to me. It would be better to arrange financing options.
I think maybe the demo companies and the cities are billing extra cost for these teardowns and so there is an ulterior motive.
If not, contact me at carefree property solutions and let me show you how we get homes for the elderly and veterans.Why we are talking about bad ideas...close Burke.

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Posted by tjohio007 on 12/20/2011 at 7:24 AM

Re: “Wet Dreams

WOW! Some serious comments today. Democrats have been in charge of this County for decades and it has gotten us no where except for the brief time our mayor was a Republican so kind of hard to blame the GOP. In fact, I think Cleveland is a perfect representation of what happens when the dems are in total control of anything. The businesses all leave, the wealthy invest somewhere else, the poor live like kings and have no desire to do anything (note the new townhomes on central avenue with water parks, childcare and computer centers to open in a few months paid for with money borrowed from China) OK, I get that if the GOP was in control we would have filthy water,dictatorship like leaders and the rich would stay because they would be getting all of the money instead of the poor. Semantics my friends.
THE GOOD NEWS is that the FBI slammed everyone and I mean everyone who was corrupt which means we still have someone honest our there.We still have some representation and some hope for change and keep in mind Frank Jackson is an attorney and honest so while a little light on the public speaking side he is bright enough to run this city.I have noticed the lack of articles about all of the construction going on downtown. Do you think that just happened or do you think the Jackson Sweeeney team might have had some hand in this. Give blame when they screw up but no credit when they do well? The real problem is that his ideals of giving everything to the poor while nice don't pay the bills. So you ramp up the water bills on the wealthy suburbs and you lose Westlake and wind up with less money for homeless shelters. You see that is the real fundamental problem with the Dems. Businesses pay for homeless shelters. Close Burke and make it a park for the people saving 1.5 million a year for the city to hire more police to walk the aisles of Burke lakefront park.Note to democrats: businesses pay for homeless shelters, not the other way around. Accept the fact that Eaton corp is a bunch of greedy bastards and when the time comes to bend over to keep them in the city. Start your bending. If not for you for the homeless and the poor.

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Posted by tjohio007 on 11/30/2011 at 8:43 AM

Re: “The Quality of Cleveland Life Report

Certainly times are tough but Miami is scorched with heat, California is broke and breaking in half, Michigan, well Michigan just sucks. But when you look around Everyone else is expensive and anything inbetween Jacksonville and Canton Ohio doesn't make union wage. Nobody the world has freshwater and we don't have earthquakes, floods, tornado's or forest fires. Not to mention Palmetto bugs.
However, we cannot close a 450 acre airport that could be a park that loses millions while we are laying off policemen. Our football team cannot even kick a 20 yard field goal to win a game and our house values are so low that the cars we drive to look at them cost more than the homes themselves.
Bottom line...Cleveland is like your sister. A pain in the ass a lot of the time, a great comfort all of the time. She does things that embarrass you but you wouldn't have any other sister in the world.Cleveland is truly a sister city and if you want to be New York with its rude people and high prices go for it. I lived in San Francisco and all we talked about there was how much we missed Cleveland. p.s. you have to leave it to appreciate it.

Posted by tjohio007 on 11/26/2011 at 11:48 PM

Re: “'Aggressive Drivers' Being Targeted in Cleveland

Gee I find it interesting that every time the city runs a deficit financially they need to "make the streets more safe"

Ever ask yourself why you have to wear a seat-belt for "safety" but there are no seat-belts on buses that our children ride each day or RTA buses? Maybe laws are not passed to protect us but to fleece us of even more money and crackdowns are not to make us safer but to write more tickets and create more revenue.Just asking.

Posted by tjohio007 on 04/21/2011 at 9:17 PM

Re: “Fight Breaks Out at McDonald's Hiring Day

well, ok slavery was bad...BUT IT"S OVER! either porduce something or go back but don't suck on the government here and kill this country for the rest of us.

I am so tired of meeting sister after sister who has three kids, works one or two jobs and pays the bills, has the credit, cleans the house and here comes the "man" no job no credit, warrant for his lazy butt. I have seen the scenario played out over and over again. Honestly if I was a black woman it would be better to be gay! Why do they drag these dead ass losers around? They are basically sperm donars and nothing else.

Posted by tjohio007 on 04/20/2011 at 2:15 AM

Re: “For Just $2 Billion Cleveland Can Become a Beautiful City

I have a better idea. When a home is torn down between two houses sell the vacant lot for $1 to the owners of the homes next to the lot. Oh yeah we used to do that before we tried sqeezing now vacant NEW homes on those lots in an effort to get tax payers to move in. Like everything Cleveland, try and squeeze more money and get less, so squeeze harder.
Cleveland and it's leadership need to stop thinkking about how to give EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING to the poor and start making the city a better place to live so that hardworking middle class families move into the city. Large urban lots, visible police,vibrant downtown businesses and urban events like the party in the park and riverfest are what makes a city great. Giving jobs and making room on the euclid corridor for the homeless is just a waste of time and money. YOU want Cleveland to grow? to succeed? Make it a great place to live. You know what will happen? people will move here and you will have money for homeless shelters and jobs for the...los....less advantaged.

Posted by tjohio007 on 02/17/2011 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Cleveland Ranked 7th Best Job Market

I am amazed that we are the seventh best job market in the country but they say you should judge from your own recent relavent expieriences. We have been hiring at RED Diamond Realty as fast as possible all year so I guess it is true. Think of what we have coming with the casino, the MMPI project,the new bridge project, the west bank of the flats project, the new condo's in Tremont and other new projects around town such as new construction on the Euclid corridor and the new COSE location so I guess there is a lot going on. You just wouldn't know it from the way Clevelanders bitch about everything. Make Burke a boardwalk and create more jobs!

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Posted by tjohio007 on 01/27/2011 at 3:40 PM

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