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Re: “A Big Turn On

This is a pretty nice development except for two very big drawbacks.
First is The Beachland Ballroom who has spawned the area's growth has yet to get any relief from the city's burdensome ticket tax. I see them being sold to some other party with deeper pockets and the prices will go up without a change in that law. So the keystone to this development goes away because of the city.
Second, The parking situation in that area is already a mess without 5 more venues.
Lets bring a lot more traffic to the area with no where to park except blocks away in residential neighborhoods. Or, much like Nautica and the Harbor Inn, the street parking gets used up in front of the Inn by people avoiding the parking fees and never stepping foot in the Inn. Dinner customers could very easily force The Beachland patrons further into the neighborhood to park leading to numerous police calls for noise late night.
Lets not ever forget what development meant for the flats.
A once active place with multiple venues grew up on its own and ended up dead on the east bank and only a few venues on the west leaving the original patrons nowhere to go.
If this development concept means losing the Beachland in its current, I don't want it.
I'm a patron to the area now and these business opportunities only spell more headaches for those like me.

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Posted by amused on 06/07/2012 at 7:34 AM

Re: “V 107.3 to return to snooze music format

All good things must DIE .
That V107.3 had even gone through a format change two years ago was news to me because that number was of the list for so long. It was upon seeing sponsorship for The Decemberists last summer that they were even under consideration. So now after 92.3 has gone sport yak and 107.3 has gone back to yawnning its a Sirius Subscrption in my stcking.
I find it extreemly sad that a city which was touted as "the home of rock and roll" does not have ONE....not ONE single decent music station.
We can get Clearchannel rants or Infinity/CBS ( don't know what its called now) ineptness but really, how about some freaking music not recorded three decades ago?

Is there any way that we can talk Case into going commercial with WRUW and boosting their signal say, another 50,000 watts?

Its a sad state of affairs and makes me wish I were still commuting to Pittburgh. Who are the nimrods in Cleveland who don't think a playlist like WYEP would work here, or even The LOft on Sirius. What the hell happened to this city's music supply?

The radio is better in Freaking Toledo or Youngstown.

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Posted by amused on 01/05/2012 at 12:16 PM

Re: “CD Review: Kate Bush

Sorry, but not much of a review is it?
Five sentences and one and a half of those address the topic?

BTW- Great CD if you like Kate Bush.

Posted by amused on 12/01/2011 at 10:56 AM

Re: “Peyton Hillis' Hamstring Hurts . . .

The absolute worst way to negotiate a contract is to prove your not worth the money.

Posted by amused on 11/04/2011 at 4:13 PM

Re: “(Warning: Graphic Image) The Exotic Animal Body Count

Sad but Understandable.
The "locals" were never trained or prepared for this event.
Had they tranquilized these animals, then what?
They wake up again to what?
There was no transport, No containment and apparently no food back at the farm.
If you want to be outraged, be angry at the dead guy who freed all these animals rather than deal with the bankruptcy.
It is a sad event but the logistics of a humane outcome were outside the ability of the local officials.
Perhaps the outraged advocates would have been better served to to help fund the farm before it came to this.

"I'm not saying its right, but I understand"....Chris Rock

Posted by amused on 10/21/2011 at 8:11 AM

Re: “The Superior Americans

If you do not live in the area of Painesville then it is likely that you would not know that the influx of hispanics has been a benefit to the area. The area has stores and restaurants where empty buildings once stood. St. Marys was on the verge of closure. Now I don't know about you other Americans but for me, any class of immigrant which displaces the crackheads and gang bangers and who clean up the properties, establish commerce, WORK and generally improve the neighborhoods is okay in my book.
There is a thriving Mexican food store here where anglos are welcome. A feeling of welcome not found in Cleveland stores. It always stuck me that around Christmas that the large majority of people there openly celebrated the holiday and there are religious items like candles and virgins at the register. What a totally detestible bunch to turn away from the community.
I was also struck at the amount of money which is wired back to Mexico on payday.
Money which could stay in this area if those families could join the husbands who WORK to support families.
In the mornings on school days there are groups of children waiting for the bus.
In those groups I see a number of hispanic mothers watching the children and am also stuck by the observation that there are rarely mothers of the other American groups to be seen with their children.
So for all of you illegal is illegal crowd, maybe you should open your eyes to which illegal is prefferable. Crack Dealing or immigration.
I'll take the immigrants who appreciate what this community has to offer and are rebuilding it.
For the group protesting on the square this case will always be lost in their bigotry. They are protesting immigration in the first place and tack illegal to it to make it a bad thing. Sure there are illegals but the large majority are legal and these jerk offs are protesting them being here as well.
Mexican = illegal in their eyes.

My question is what have the protesters done to improve the quality of life in the city?
That answer is NOTHING.

Superior Americans? Ignorant Bigots more like it.

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Posted by amused on 08/25/2011 at 7:41 AM

Re: “The Beachland's Waterloo

It is one of the most striking observations of Cleveland city politics that there is nothing good that a group can do for a neighborhood or area that the city will destroy.
The cash grab going on for an admissions tax will ultimately destroy the Beachland and likely take all the other businesses with it. Apparently the thought of money which will eventually become uncollectable through bankruptcy is more important
than revitalized neighborhoods.
City council needs to change this legislation NOW as well as forgive former debt.
People like the operators of the Beachland Ballroom have done what the city is incapable of, rebuilding activity in the neighborhood. Leave them alone and forgive the debt. This is the solution.
OR, as is usually the case, the city looks at an area thriving in spite of the government and wants to get a piece of the pie.
How about we do this city, why not add onto the Bayfront RTA line BEFORE the Beachland closes. At least it will look like you did something before it turns into a ghost town like the east bank of the flats.
Then a developer can move in and buy up all the distressed property like Bart W.
The people who will not sell, you can even use eminant domain to force sale.
Then we can bulldoze the Waterloo neighborhood and wonder what's wrong that no one comes here anymore.
In a word, this SUCKS.
It illustrates why Cleveland will never prosper.
It further shows why cities like Seattle do.
The city there gets behind the people who do good for the neighborhoods.
Here they come with the tax bill and the eviction notice.
SHAME. Shame on a city government with its head so far up its collective ass it cannot see daylight.
I live in Lake County. I go to the Beachland frequently.
I do not go to the West Side for the distance.
When the Beachland goes so does the money I spend there and at Music Saves and Muldoons and theother places we eat on 185th.

I hope that the city one day undersatnds that it is them who are killing their own resurgance.

Posted by amused on 08/17/2011 at 2:15 PM

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