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Ken Stringfellow/Dolfish/Ryan Wilkins

One half of the singing and songwriting part of The Posies, Ken Stringfellow, a former Seattleite, now calls Paris home. As a result, he feels a bit like a man with no country. “Yes, I’m between many things,” he says. “It’s not only that I live in a country where I wasn’t born and I find myself washed up on foreign shores and these days a fish out of waters in the states, having lived abroad for so long. Musically, I’m welcome in many scenes but not a fully-fledged citizen of any. I fit into the indie rock world through the somewhat experimental, independent spirit that I participate in, but stylistically what gets defined as indie is not me. Same thing with the mainstream.” Stringfellow’s latest album, last year’s Danzig in the Moonlight, veers from tender ballads (“Jesus Was an Only Child”) to the kind of power-pop anthems (“Shittalkers”) for which The Posies were known. (Jeff Niesel)

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