Life Upside Down

Life Upside Down

LIFE UPSIDE DOWN is a romantic comedy about time, distance, and the human condition. Three couples, connected by friendship, love and work, are each stuck in their respective homes in Los Angeles during the beginning of lockdown. Finally forced to face their spouses, friends, lovers, and eventually themselves head on, their lives turn slowly but surely upside-down.

- Synopsis provided by Internet Video Archive



  • Cecilia Miniucchi


  • Cecilia Miniucchi


  • Allard Zoetman
  • Antoni Stutz
  • Arden Lassalle
  • Carl F Berg
  • Cecilia Miniucchi
  • Desmond Nakano
  • Fred Roos
  • Holley Heitz
  • Jason Rose
  • Jeffrey Coulter
  • Marta Miniucchi
  • Paolo Rossi Pisu
  • Rose Kuo
  • Sonia Machado-Hines
  • Sonja Mereu

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