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NoBunny/Hussy/Wooly Bullies/Shitbox Jimmy

Who enjoys raw meat, panties and fireworks at a concert? Nobunny, that's who. Donning a mask that appears to be scalped from a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic rabbit, Nobunny ensures that your night will be a memorable one. In all honesty, if you ignore the fact that his costume looks like a terrifying animated disused children's toy, his music isn't all that weird. In a sort of grungy revivalist fashion, he pours grit and grime onto rock 'n' roll tracks from another era. His latest album, Secret Songs: Reflections from the Ear Mirror, is a lo-fi collection of songs that, if not for his costume, could be taken as sincere. Songs like "Bye Bye Roxie" and "Trouble In Mind" carry a late-’60s garage rock aesthetic that's easy to get on board with. People seem to enjoy the live shows, and he's garnered much attention from the wild antics. (Stoops)

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    11213 Detroit Ave., Cleveland West Side/Ohio City/Tremont/Detroit Shoreway


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