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Sammy Slims/Little Animal

Poised to break out in a big way as the year rolls onward, Sammy Slims is Cleveland’s answer to all those people needing a show to get them dancing somewhere in this brutish north shore city. The band’s nine-track Black Songs, available at their Bandcamp site, bears a real sense of confidence and excitement. Save for the too-short “Give It Up,” each song is appropriately meaty, looping enough hooks to keep any floor alive all night. Check out “The Jungle” for probably the most representative tune on the album, with a chorus that ranks among the catchiest moments in the collection. Happy Dog will be rocking tonight, and it’d be difficult to dream up a more blissed-out Thursday night in this Cleveland autumn. (Sandy)

Venue Details

  • Happy Dog

    5801 Detroit Ave., Cleveland West Side/Ohio City/Tremont/Detroit Shoreway


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