Last year, bass music producer and performer Subtronics (Jesse Kardon) released his debut album, Fractals, which features collaborations with prominent artists such as Zeds Dead, GRiZ, Boogie T and Sullivan King, among others. Then, at the end of last year, Subtronics released Anti-Fractals, an album featuring "VIP" versions as well as remixes from the likes of Virtual Riot, Peekaboo, Wooli, A Hundred Drums and more. The immersive stage show in support of the albums features a 40 x 24-foot high LED wall behind a custom chrome reflective DJ table with a connecting LED wall angled over Subtronics. Ceiling-hung C02 jets and crowd-scanning lasers will shoot down from the overhead LED wall with additional lasers mounted on the sides of the stage to go over the crowd. The tour comes to House of Blues tonight at 7.

Venue Details

  • House of Blues

    308 Euclid Ave., Cleveland Downtown/Flats/Warehouse District


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