The 25 Best Twitter Reactions to the Cleveland Indians' Name Change

According to multiple reports last night, the Cleveland Indians will be changing their name after 105 years. Twitter reacted accordingly with some hilarious responses. These were the best we found.

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Andy Geronimo,  @andy_geronimo

Andy Geronimo, @andy_geronimo

Dave Jorgenson,  @davejorgensen

Dave Jorgenson, @davejorgensen

Ben Axelrod,  @BenAxelrod

Ben Axelrod, @BenAxelrod

Lindsey Adler,  @lindseyadler

Lindsey Adler, @lindseyadler

The Iron Sheik,  @the_ironsheik

The Iron Sheik, @the_ironsheik

Chris Marler,  @VerneFUNquist

Chris Marler, @VerneFUNquist

Hood Politics,  @marl0stanfield_

Hood Politics, @marl0stanfield_

Anthony Castrovince,  @castrovince

Anthony Castrovince, @castrovince

Mike Polk Jr.,  @mikepolkjr

Mike Polk Jr., @mikepolkjr

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