The Cleveland Bucket List 

100 Things Every Clevelander Must Do Before They Die (Or Move, Which Is Really the Same Thing)


It happens with startling regularity. You'll be talking with a family member or friend who's lived in Cleveland their entire life, and you'll bring up a quintessentially Cleveland event or place -- say, the Rock Hall, or the Velvet Tango Room -- and they'll mention that they've never been. Huh? But? How? Why? Really?

We started thinking about a Cleveland bucket list a few months ago, partially based on familiar sentiments like the one above. It seems that Clevelanders, while enjoying their backyard, don't always explore every nook and cranny. We're guilty of it too, which is also why we set out to provide a remedy.

The problem, naturally, was narrowing down the list to only 100. There are, by last scientific count, 37,126 amazing things happening in our city on any given day. The final 100 we came up with seemed to us a proper representation of Northeast Ohio -- the food, history, fun, landmarks, events, sports, arts and everything else that defines who we are.

Maybe you've done half of these things already. Maybe you've only done 25. Whatever the case, we promise you'll have fun exploring the list (presented in no particular order) and making plans. (Print a handy version of this list for your fridge or office here.) Enjoy.


1. Visit Lake View Cemetery: The final resting place of John D. Rockefeller, Eliot Ness, Revolutionary War soldiers, Ray Chapman and more famous and influential people than we have time to name, Lake View Cemetery is also, of course, home to the President Garfield memorial. The view from the second floor balcony is one of the most majestic and underrated in the whole city.

2. Spend a Day at the Rock Hall: Bitch about who's inducted and who's not if you want -- that's half the fun! -- but you can't take anything away from the stunning, unparalleled collection of rock history sitting in the glass pyramid by Lake Erie.

3. Take a Trip on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad: Not everything on the list is in Cleveland proper, but there are certain Northeast Ohio expeditions that we'd be crazy to exclude. Here's one: Take a trip on one of the longest, most historic railway tours in America through the 33,000 acres of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

4. Take a Tour on the Goodtime III: You can brush it off as lame if you want (it's not), but you're hard-pressed to find a better daylong tour of some of the city's finest sights. Step on the boat for Roar Along the Shore, an annual traveling showcase concert for local bands, if you don't want to take a normal tour.

5. See a Movie at Cedar Lee: There's only one theater in Cleveland showing the best movies to come out each year, and not just from Hollywood, but Bulgaria or Australia or an indie filmmaker in Montana. The Cedar Lee wins Best Movie Theater every year for a reason.

6. Take a Tour of Great Lakes Brewing Co. and Have a Pint: The craft brew renaissance in Cleveland began with the Conway brothers in 1988 and continues unabated today. Great Lakes is the anchor of the Ohio City brewing district, responsible for Christmas Ale, of course, and a local name known and respected around the country. Take a tour of the brewing facilities and see how it's done.

7. Buy Your Groceries at the West Side Market: After celebrating its centennial and enjoying one of its busiest years in recent history, there's not much new to say about Cleveland's public market. It's the envy of folks around the country, stocked fully with the most delicious food in town no matter your taste and... well, come on: Just go buy your stuff there already.

8. See a Flick at the Cinematheque: Tucked away in University Circle is one of Cleveland's best hidden gems -- a place where you can see the best foreign, independent and other movies that don't make it to local theaters, plus a truckload of re-releases, new prints, award-winners from overseas and historical flicks.

9. Go to a Playoff Game: The real sports bucket list entry here is really to see a championship, but, you know. Other than that, we'll take a playoff game, and of the inept trio we have the privilege of calling ours, the Cavs have the most recent string of luck getting there.

10: Take a Tour of Gotta Groove Records: Gotta Groove has been pressing vinyl records in Cleveland since 2009. Since then, they've become an industry leader in not only sound quality, but customer service and general awesomeness. They can press up to 70,000 records a month, and that's high-quality vinyl coming right out of downtown.

11: Toboggan at the Chalet: Winter! Screaming! Fun! If you want to toboggan, there's only one place to do so. You've skied, sledded and ice skated, but to properly round out the winter sporting experience, slide down a chute of ice while the cold air blasts your face.

12. Eat at Melt Bar & Grilled: Matt Fish has built a cheese empire. From humble beginnings with one Lakewood location to a cadre of grilled cheese restaurants across Ohio, Melt is one of the defining culinary touch points of Cleveland and the subject of just about every travel show that rolls through town.

13. Take a Trip to Put-in-Bay: Northeast Ohio's private little island getaway has seen its share of drunken escapades. Go add your own dose of debauchery, or simply enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and serene surroundings.

14. Go to a High School Football Game: Ohio is crazy for high school football. Outside of Texas or Florida, the Buckeye State is home to the most rabid fans and competitive teams. Take in any local game to see for yourself, whether it's the Ignatius vs. Eds Holy War, Glenville, Willoughby South, Canton McKinley or your local squad. It's one of the best times you'll have watching sports all year.

15: See a Play at Near West Theatre: Cleveland has one of the best theater scenes outside of Broadway, and that goes for touring acts as well as homegrown productions. Near West is "a grassroots theatre benefiting youth and adults." Local theater is good theater, and the Cleveland arts scene is better for having these folks around.

16. Visit League Park: Cy Young threw out the first pitch when League Park opened at the corner of Lexington and East 66th. The Tribe won the 1920 World Series there. Babe Ruth hit his 500th homerun at the park. Though it was mostly torn down in 1951, parts of the park remain, and Cleveland has plans to renovate the space.

17. Tailgate in the Muni Lot: From the denizens lining up to park before the sun comes up to the Dawg Pound faithful chugging beers throughout the morning, there's nothing like the Muni Lot. For a Browns fan, tailgating is almost (and usually) better than the game itself.

18. Walk on the Lower Level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge: A subway used to run on the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge, dontcha know, and that level, rarely seen by the public, is open a few times a year for tours.

19. Karaoke at Tina's: You can belt out "Don't Stop Believing" at just about any corner bar, but do yourself a favor and sing your little heart out at Tina's Nite Club instead. The nondescript building squirreled away on the backstreets of Detroit-Shoreway houses the strangest, most fervent, most eclectic karaoke in Cleveland... every day of the week. Every day. Go forth and sing.

20. Look Out from the Terminal Tower Observation Deck: The observation deck of the Terminal Tower is only open a few days a year (bummer), but the view from the top of Cleveland's most-iconic skyscraper is simply breath-taking (yay!). The 30-mile view was unavailable for nine years after 9/11 and renovations to the building, but check in periodically for open hours, because there's nothing quite like this view.

21. Visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Yeah, it's Canton not Cleveland, but Canton was the birthplace of football and the history of the sport is contained within the walls of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and we love the Browns and football. Football fans make the tour to football mecca every year. For us, it's a short jaunt down I-77. How could you not go?

22. Visit the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame: Frankie Yankovic? Yeah, the name rings a bell. Find his history plus the city's at the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame in Euclid. Because everyone loves polka and everyone loves music, and this is an oddball you can't miss.

23. Eat at Lola: Sure, Michael Symon is everywhere -- your TV, down the street at the restaurant, on your bookshelf, on the radio -- but is there a more lovable Clevelander out there? And oh yeah, his food is outstanding. Visit East Fourth and enjoy his landmark restaurant.

24: See Glen Schwartz Live: The former James Gang guitarist isn't as, how shall we say, rowdy as he used to be, but he's still one hell of a guitarist. If you missed Schwartz in his Bible-spoutin', angry heydays, you missed quite a moment in Cleveland history. But there's still time to enjoy his musical genius, even if it's now rated PG.

25: Eat at Slyman's: There are plenty of food-centric items on this list, and there could be many more -- a whole list unto itself, in fact. If you have to choose just a few, however, Slyman's is a requirement. Piles and piles of corned beef, two simple pieces of rye bread and just a little mustard. That's heaven on a plate.

26. See a Jazz Concert at Nighttown: There's no shortage of venues to see good music in Cleveland, but the only location bringing in world-renowned jazz artists on a regular basis is at the top of Cedar hill in Cleveland Heights. Nighttown's eclectic and unique schedule will show you something you won't see anywhere else in town.

27: See a Show at the Beachland Ballroom: Settled in a former Croatian social hall, the Beachland Ballroom has hosted just about every notable indie act in the last 15 years. Cindy Barber has created a venue that, along with the tavern, which serves a dynamite Sunday brunch, has anchored Waterloo and been a must-stop for national touring acts. Cheers, and thank you.

28: See a Show at the Grog Shop: It might not sport the faint aroma of decades of urine like its original location down the street on Coventry, but Kathy and the Grog Shop are the yin to the Beachland's yang, except it's been around longer. The next Pixies or Mos Def or Drive-By Truckers are probably among the next batch to take the stage.

29: Get Lost at the Cleveland Museum of Art: One of the best art museums around sits on East Boulevard just waiting for you. The world-renowned collection spans continents and eras, from Italian Renaissance to modern, from ancient Greece to African, and more. Obviously, always more. Spend a day getting lost.

30. Go to GhoulardiFest: Big Chuck and Lil' John are Cleveland institutions. Each year, they bring together a celebration of local culture, local TV and local celebrities with GhoulardiFest, which is no small accomplishment. They've been on our tubes for over 50 years now. 50. That's incredible. A true Clevelander would know that.

31. Do Something in the Metroparks: The Emerald Necklace is one of Northeast Ohio's most treasured assets and the envy of tons of other big cities. There's something for everyone. Walk, hike, bike, rollerblade, skip, jump, cross-country ski, bird watch, sleep, picnic, lounge, golf -- whatever. It's nature, and it's magnificent.

32. Eat Some Local Ice Cream: We've come a long way since Pierre's was founded in 1932. Now we can slurp up gourmet creations from Mitchell's all across town -- and at the grocery store. Or maybe you're looking forward to Churned in Tremont. Or maybe you've got a taste for a perfect milkshake served up with a side of nostalgia at Sweet Moses. It's all sugary bliss, so try them all.

33: Take the RTA: Northeast Ohio's public transit system was, not that long ago, named the best public transit in North America. It's also convenient, cheap, eco-friendly and a great way to safely get around this bedazzling town of ours.

34: Tour the Aquarium: Sure, it's not the Shedd, but what is the Shedd besides the Shedd? Stop comparing and simply have fun. The Cleveland aquarium is one of the few non-breast-related reasons to visit the Flats and will likely serve as an anchor for the area's revitalization.

35. Swim in Lake Erie: What? Come again now? Swim in the lake? Yeah, that's what we're saying. There might only be a few days a year when it's warm enough, but head out to Huntington Beach or the Mentor Headlands and take a dip. It's not that bad, actually. Not bad at all.

36. Enjoy Wade Oval Wednesdays: From June through August, Cleveland gathers together at Wade Oval Wednesdays in University Circle. With free concerts, family attractions, food and entertainment, there's no more casual or fun way to kill a summer evening. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and camp out with friends for hours.

37. Shop at Flower Child: Cleveland's blessed with a fantastic selection of vintage and antique stores, but if there's one to make a priority, it's Flower Child. Winner of just about every Best Of award in the vintage category, the labyrinth boasts furniture, jewelry, clothing, home goods, decorations, art and anything else you can imagine. Just when you think you've seen everything, a whole new room awaits.

38. Run, Bike or Walk the Towpath Trail: The historic towpath trail was a linchpin of Ohio economic development in the 1800s. Now, the miles upon miles of trails are a lynchpin of idle wandering and light exercise.

39. See a Play at Playhouse Square: If you don't know the history behind Cleveland's venerable theaters on Euclid, you should do some Googling, pronto. They are beautiful -- take a tour, trust us -- and an unmatched example of theater being built and reclaimed, at different times, in a city by the arts community.

40. Go to Third Fridays at 78th Street Studios or First Fridays in Tremont: The local arts scene is one to be treasured and supported in every way possible. It's impossible to list here every gallery or artist, or even to mention every event, so we settled on two monthly events that showcase a wide range of talented artists. 78th Street Studios are exquisite and mammoth; the Tremont galleries are varied and easy accessible. Enjoy art in Cleveland.

41. Walk Around Waterloo: The Beachland Ballroom took root and the neighborhood is following. Alan Glazen's "Project Light Switch" promises to bring a whole new group of businesses to the area to complement the concert club and places like Music Saves. Walk around and enjoy the public art, the shops and the people that make this community vibrant.

42. Join a Critical Mass Bike Ride: It used to be a couple of folks on old bikes rolling around town. Now, Critical Mass rides garner hundreds of participants taking over Cleveland's streets. The city might have a long way to go making Cleveland completely bike-friendly, but there's progress. In the meantime, peddle around while making some new friends.

43. Take a Tour of the William G. Mather Steamship: This bit of World War II history is docked in Cleveland and well worth your time. She set all sorts of records -- first automated boiler system, among the first Great Lakes vessels with radar -- while helping to keep the Allied Forces in plenty of steel during the war.

44. Catch a Local Comedy Show: The comedy scene in Cleveland is something to behold. It's grown leaps and bounds thanks to folks like Mike Polk and Ramon Rivas, and Chucklefck is helping to make sure there's comedy just about every night. The list of talented performers is long, so suffice it to say: You won't be disappointed no matter what night and what show you choose.

45. Try Something New in AsiaTown: Bypass the fast-food General Tsos and head over to AsiaTown. Whether you're looking for Korean, Chinese, Cambodian or Thai, AsiaTown has something to offer. Dim Sum? You betcha! Authentic Asian eats that you've never tried before? Of course. Try something new and support Cleveland's Asian community.

46. Hit Up the Bad Boys of Blues Weekly Jam Nights: Michael Bay and the Bad Boys of Blues will melt your face with the best blues in Cleveland every week at the Parkview and Brothers. Bay has been a disciple of the blues jam scene for decades, and he'll pull out forgotten gems and longtime favorites while whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Oh, and the shows are free. No excuses.

47. Canoe Down the Cuyahoga River: Yes, canoe down the Cuyahoga River. Cleveland's history is dominated by the river, from city inception to present day. And there's no better way to see the city from ground level than to wind from the Flats, under the bridges and toward Valley View in a canoe. Just watch out for the ships.

48. Enjoy a Panini's Sandwich: Bread, meat, fries, cheese. Combine, stack high and devour earnestly. Cleveland's a foodie town, and while we enjoy our chefs collecting James Beard award nominations, there's nothing quite like a simple sandwich with no frills.

49. Sample the Food Trucks at Walnut Wednesdays: The food truck economy blossomed quickly after Hodge Podge gave Cleveland a quick taste a few years ago. Now, Walnut Wednesdays downtown are littered with lines of trucks slinging gourmet food and street bites for bargain prices.

50. People Watch at Tower City's Fountain: Got a few minutes in the middle of your workday? Head over to the fountain at Tower City and take in Cleveland's people. There are few better places to gander at your fellow man, and Tower City serves as a clearinghouse of the best of the best.

51. Visit the Schvitz: Shhh. You gotta know a regular at the Schvitz to get in, and it's men only, but once you enter the hallowed doors, you'll enjoy pampering you won't find anywhere else. Steam, steak, wine await. Check out our story on the Schvitz -- clevescene.com/schvitz -- to learn more about one of Cleveland's best secrets.

52. Go to Big Fun: Cleveland's lucky enough to count dozens and dozens of fabulous locally owned stores, but Steve Presser's Big Fun is among the oldest and most unique. Want vintage G.I. Joe? He's got it. Old movie posters? That too. Comic books? Absolutely. It'll bring out the child in anyone.

53. See a Concert at Blossom: Northeast Ohio's largest outdoor music venue, Blossom, brings in the largest country acts every year, holds an annual series with the Cleveland Orchestra and is still the only place you're likely to see the most popular touring artists every summer.

54. Hit the Casino: You don't have to save for a Vegas vacation anymore. Nor drive to Pennsylvania or Detroit. Whether you prefer blackjack or slots, poker or roulette, the Horseshoe Casino has all your gambling needs. Play a few hands and test your luck. Just don't blame us if you lose.

55. Take in a Lake Erie Monsters Game: NHL hockey is probably never coming back to Cleveland, but the Lake Erie Monsters, the AHL affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche, are here to satisfy your pro hockey needs every year. Tickets are cheap and the Monsters offer plenty of family-friendly specials to make the games more than just a game.

56. Catch a Minor League Baseball Game: Think the Tribe's too expensive (it's not), or want to catch the next generation of Indian greats? Stop by an Akron RubberDucks game (we're still getting used to that name too), or a Lake County Captains affair. Tickets are bargain-priced, but the talent's not.

57. Bet on the Ponies: Take a short trip to Thistledown one afternoon. Bet on the ponies racing in person or watch a simulcast and place some dollars on the horses running throughout the country. And don't worry too much if you don't know what a trifecta is, we won't tell anyone.

58. Run the Cleveland Marathon: Okay, or a 5K somewhere. But the Cleveland marathon is a great chance to push your body and enjoy the city -- from west to east -- from the streets. Check Hermes' schedule for plenty of shorter runs around town, because let's be honest: The marathon's a good goal, but few of us will ever reach it.

59. Shop the Cleveland Flea: A relative newcomer to the Cleveland arts and craft scene, the Cleveland Flea rounds up a hodge podge of artisanal products, artists, craft makers, clothing makers and general doers. The whole "buy local" thing applies here, and there's no better way to shop dozens of different booths in one place.

60. Go to Ingenuity Fest: It's not just art, it's not just people, it's not just technology. It's all of the above, combined, and more. Since its formation in 2004, Ingenuity Fest has brought tens of thousands of visitors to its rotating cast of locations, immersing the public in the forward-thinking art and tech scenes that promise to change Cleveland for the better.

61. See the Cleveland Orchestra: We're talking a world-class orchestra -- selling out concerts in Europe on a regular basis -- right here, performing regularly. Severance Hall is gorgeous, and the Orchestra offers plenty of programming -- from cartoon scores to movies -- for anyone who pretends to not enjoy Beethoven.

62. Visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Plus a whole lot more. You don't need kids to enjoy the zoo -- who doesn't love beasts -- so wander down and spend a day taking in the animal kingdom.

63. Tour the USS COD: Another slice of World War II history is moored off East 9th Street. The USS Cod serves as a memorial to the those who lost their lives and as a tribute to the history of submarine warfare. It's a popular stop for field trips, but that doesn't mean the experience isn't lost on adults.

64. Attend Opening Day: With all due respect to everything else on the list, we're partial to Opening Day. It's baseball, it's America, and there's nothing quite like taking the day off or knocking off work early to head down to The Jake for the first day of Tribe baseball.

65. Visit the Botanical Gardens: The Cleveland Botanical Gardens are way cooler than you think. It's all about plants, sure, but don't let that deter you from taking in the shapes and colors of the natural world. You might learn a thing or two. At the very least, it's simply beautiful to look at.

66. Tour A Christmas Story House: A Christmas Story will remain a cult classic, and Cleveland's contribution to the Hollywood holiday movie canon is as enjoyable as ever. You might not get the treasured Red Ryder under the Christmas tree. You might not get what you asked for at all. But A Christmas Story never disappoints.

67. Kill Some Time at the Cleveland Public Library: Cleveland is among the most literate cities in America, according to various studies. We read, and we like it. Cleveland's gem of a library downtown is not only an architectural beauty to behold, but stocked full of the written word and archives detailing the Forest City's history.

68. Visit the Museum of Natural HIstory: University Circle is Cleveland's cultural capital, and while the art museum gets most of the press, the museum of natural history offers something just a bit different. Oh, there are dinosaurs, which are great, but also rocks and science and everything else that'll help you learn how we got here.

69. Eat at Sokolowski's: It was good enough for Bill Clinton, and it's been good enough for just about every famous person to swing through town. And even if you overlook the notable clientele, the cafeteria-style Polish joint slinging ethnic eats like pierogi is a must-do for any Clevelander worth their dough.

70. Visit the Cultural Gardens: The cultural gardens that dot East Boulevard and MLK are a tribute to 20th century America and Cleveland, to the immigrants and migrants that made the city a vibrant, diverse place to live and work. Self-guided and guided tours will show you the beauty of the 29 gardens.

71. Visit the Crawford Auto Museum: Like every other cultural landmark in University Circle, the Western Reserve Historical Society is to be counted as a blessing for the city. Inside, among the many other tidbits of Cleveland history, you'll find the Crawford Auto Museum, which is a living testament to the auto culture of America.

72. Bowl at an Old-School Alley: Cleveland is a bowling town, and while lanes have been disappearing, plenty of old-school gems like Dickey's, Twin Lanes and newly hipsterized Mahall's offer the kind of lane action our fathers and grandfathers grew up on.

73. Drink at the Harbor Inn: It's Cleveland's oldest bar, which is reason enough to go there for a beer and a shot. But the Harbor Inn also remains one of Cleveland's best bars. Once populated by longshoremen and the blue-collar lot, the Harbor now serves those folks and many more.

74. Have a Cocktail at the Velvet Tango Room: Long before the cocktail boom produced craft drink bars in every neighborhood, the Velvet Tango Room opened in quaint Duck Island. Not Tremont, not Ohio City, just a little neighborhood in between with not much else going on. It's a speakeasy with hand-made cocktails of the highest order, with great care taken to make your drink something you'll never forget.

75. Visit the Great Lakes Science Center: Want to learn something and be entertained? Then this is a spot you must see. Most notable to many for being next to Browns stadium, or perhaps for the wind turbine out back, the Science Center is much, much more. From flight to rocks, from animals to humans, interactive exhibits will leave you more informed than when you entered.

76. Ride the Ferris Wheel at the IX Indoor Amusement Park: You know the song. Gotta get to the, IX, Indoor, Amuuuuusement Park. The quirky little set-up is ingrained in Cleveland's pop culture memory, but if you've never stopped by for yourself, you've never had the chance to ride the indoor ferris wheel.

77. Tour Gray's Armory: One of the oldest buildings in Cleveland, Gray's Armory was built by a private military group back in 1837. It's an unmistakable landmark on Bolivar, something straight out of military history, which is exactly what it's all about. Learn about America's military history inside, or simply take in the majestic structure from the outside.

78. Visit Castle Noel: America's largest collection of Christmas movie memorabilia is located in Medina, if you didn't know. Toys and lights and decorations from silver screen moments you'll never forget are all arranged with due care and jolly, available for tours year-round. Because who wants to wait for Christmas to get in the spirit?

79. Tour the Federal Reserve Bank: The Fed doesn't offer tours for individuals or families any longer, but they do for organizations, and anything can be an organization, so call up and schedule one. The pre-World War I architecture is one of the main draws, but the learning center will teach you everything you wanted to know about how our economy works.

80. Visit the Maltz Museum: The Maltz Museum, above all else, is about diversity, peace and tolerance. Founder Milton Maltz said, "The Permanent Collection is the American story. The first Jewish immigrants arrived in Cleveland in 1839. The museum tells their story of achievement through stunning, state-of-the-art exhibits."

81. Visit MOCA: MOCA now has a permanent, gleaming, beautiful, modern home on Mayfield Road in University Circle, and it's about time. For modern art in Cleveland, there's no better venue -- a piece of art unto itself -- and with University Circle's growth, MOCA is a shining example of what is still to come.

82. Go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade: Outside of Boston, Chicago and New York, no city loves itself some St. Patrick's Day like Cleveland. Our town's strong and proud Irish heritage is celebrated with pomp, circumstance, and thousands of inebriated souls one day every year.

83. Enjoy the Arcades: They might not be the bastion of business they once were, but the arcades on Euclid are still an architectural wonder. There are a few stores still, and... well, mostly just go look at the ceilings and ornate decorations. There's a reason the arcades are a wedding venue favorite for Cleveland brides.

84. Eat a Bialy's Everything Bagel: Just because it's not New York doesn't mean it's not the best bagel you ever had. Stop by the shop on Warrensville Center, get an everything bagel, and thank us later. It's inspired travel writers to shed a tear and loyalists to plan their weekend schedules around a stop.

85. Do Something at Whiskey Island: Whether you're playing volleyball or simply enjoying a beer while watching the sunset, Whiskey Island is a little slice of relaxing heaven right on the shores of Lake Erie. Even to longtime Clevelanders, it has remained a bit of a secret, which is nice.

86. Drink Your Way Through Lake Erie Wines: Head up to Geneva-on-the-Lake and see for yourself that Lake Erie wines are nothing to stick your nose up at. Sure, it's not Napa Valley, but Ohio has a long history of making fine wines -- in fact, it's credited with producing America's first great wine -- and the wineries up east are pumping out delectable vintages just around the corner.

87. Support Cleveland State Sports: Cleveland is Buckeye country for the most part, but Cleveland State deserves your love. CSU's transformed itself from a commuter school to a dynamic urban campus and the teams -- there's more than basketball, guys -- are a cheap alternative to pro sports. Go Vikings!

88. Go to Cedar Point: Voted the best amusement park in America on a regular basis, it's the roller coaster capital of the world, and it's right down I-90. Even if you don't love blood-curdling rides and skyscraper-tall coasters, Cedar Point has something for you, even if it's just the merry-go-round.

89. Get Spooked by Franklin Castle: There's a whole dirty, scary history behind the Franklin Castle, ranked among Ohio's best-known haunted locations, and you should read all about it. For the experience? Just walk by. It's spooky. Undeniably spooky, like something straight out of Scooby Doo, or worse.

90. Ride Lolly the Trolley: Poo poo the idea as corny all you'd like, Lolly the Trolly could teach you a thing or two. Or 20. You think you know Cleveland? Hop aboard one day and be amazed at the hidden history and facts delved out by the friendly, knowledgeable tour guides.

91. Welcome the Buzzards in Hinckley: Buzzard Day is a great day. Each March 15, buzzard lovers congregate in Hinckley and await the first official buzzard sighting of the season as the turkey vultures make their way back for the spring. It's good, clean fun. There are pancakes and coffee and donuts and nature. But the draw is the big bird, and for them, we are grateful.

92. Go to the Hessler Street Fair: Historic Hessler Road welcomes art and music lovers every year for the annual Hessler Street Fair. First held in 1969, the eclectic and talented creative forces of the east side and the historic street gather to celebrate and preserve the neighborhood.

93. Attend the All-American Soap Box Derby: Once again, not Cleveland, but a Northeast Ohio tradition that has birthed legends, stories and remains a testament to amateur competition. It's a soap box derby, after all -- how could that not be fun?

94. Go to the Cuyahoga County Fair: Fried foods, animals, beer. There are probably some other things we're forgetting for the moment, but those are the main points to remember. If you can't make it to the big Ohio state fair, the Cuyahoga County version will do just fine. Who doesn't want to see the biggest zucchini in the state?

95. Gorge Yourself at the Feast of the Assumption: The delights of Little Italy in all their delicious wonder are plied on the street for the Feast of the Assumption, that weekend when everyone in Cleveland is Italian. Cannolis and pasta, pizza and stuffed peppers, and, hell, we're going to stop talking and just start counting the days until it arrives.

96. Go to the Duct Tape Festival: Duck brand duct tape is headquartered right here in Northeast Ohio. Because of that happy little fact, we get the Duct Tape Festival in Avon every year. Duct tape art, duct tape dresses, duct tape floats. Basically duct tape everything except food.

97. Go to Twins Days: You're probably not a twin, just based on mathematical probability, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Twins Days in Twinsburg. It's less sideshow, more celebration. Also, impossibly hard to find who you're looking for.

98. Eat at Hot Sauce Williams: The little pink house on Carnegie is a Cleveland landmark. For ribs and chicken, Hot Sauce Williams has been a go-to for neighborhood folks and tourists alike. Stop by, be welcomed with a happy smile, and dig in to some soul food.

99. Walk Down Coventry: The street has changed dramatically over the decades, and while the obvious hippie leanings might not be evident any longer, Coventry is still home to a healthy lineup of attractions. From the Grog Shop to Big Fun, from La Cave du Vin to B-Side, there's plenty to do. And Tommy's. Never forget Tommy's.

100. See a Speech at the City Club: The City Club of Cleveland is the longest continuously operating free speech forum in America. Since 1912, the influential policy makers and debaters have stopped by Cleveland to talk about the issues that matter most. It's welcomed heads of state, activists, presidents and more, all in celebration of the first amendment and our right to speak our minds.

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