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    TheOnlyCatt on 11/05/2009 at 11:22 PM
    The subject of this article, though well penned, presents a fairly creative approach to a fishing expedition, as well as an imbalance among varying interests. But hold your linens, there's a great story: West's life, to date emphatically offers much more than a rags to riches scenario, and this situation is, therefore deserving of patient, careful, sensitive consideration. At what time was Belle, who by the way refused to play any game other than the one of his choice, diagnosed with a bipolar affliction? Regardless, he's content in the desert-calling here from time to time. The balance between the public figure, the public's right to know, and the myriad of medical considerations surrounding a diversely, significantly talented athlete must, not only be thoroughly researched but acquired & maintained. This is certainly uncharted territory. People who are bipolar, outwardly functional, do not experience life as may those who are not bipolar. Hyper and/or hypo sensitivity, multiple, exacerbating conditions...there is much to consider. This is not to suggest that the reactions of those who are not bipolar to someone who is and displays an inability to function consistently well, otherwise conforming successfully are wrong. Rather it calls for more than tolerance and "space," -- greater understanding. Treatment for this condition is experimental in many cases. Delonte, like everyone suffering with bipolar disease, will do well out of harms way, with bonafide help in managing his life. It's tough enough for seemingly "normal" athletes of his age & stature. With the right kind of help he can become the best story the Cavs will ever tell. Imagine that.

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