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Marc Broussard

Singer-songwriter Marc Broussard isn't as well-known as Ray Charles or Joe Cocker, the guys to whom he is most often compared, but he most assuredly shares a good amount of soul with them. Many critics have noted traces of their music in Broussard's passionate presentation - from his rasp-to-riches vocals to the rafter-rattling intensity of his live shows. Broussard doesn't take these potentially intimidating comparisons lightly, by any means, because he understands the respect and affection that comes with them. On releases such as 2002's Momentary Setback, 2004's Carencro and 2007’s SOS: Save Our Soul, Broussard has tried to remain true to his Louisiana roots and the influences that guided him His latest album, a self-titled effort that came out in 2011, again shows off his soulful voice and vibrant arrangements. (Jeff Niesel)

  • The Kent Stage

    175 E. Main St., Kent Kent/Portage County


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