Akron's Bucket Shop gives up, leaves livers to wander

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Last month, the Lime Spider, a famed Akron haunt that for years played host to music acts big and small, announced it would close its doors on September 8. Tears were shed. Forties were spilled. But just as people’s livers started to deal with the grief, they’ve been delivered another blow: The Bucket Shop, which has been owned and operated by the Berrodin family since the end of Prohibition, has announced that it too will close September 8. The family signed off on the sale of the bar, a mainstay of Highland Square's nightlife, in August. They've refused to comment on to whom they sold or how much they got, though another Square business owner says that the dive, best known for its heavy pouring and table-top dancing, will be converted into a sports bar. You know, because there aren’t enough of those in northeast Ohio. While there’s some reprieve in knowing the bar won’t close entirely, many worry it will lose its skuzzy charm, from the crumbling murals to the wild clientèle. Since 1934, the Bucket has been a famed “after hours” joint -- the last stop on any party hound's way home. Having a new place to watch Cavs games is swell, but can we be promised that the $3 pints of gin and tonic won't disappear? And, pulease, New Owner, whoever you are, don't even think about tearing down the 1930s art deco bar -- one of the last in the area -- lest we deem you an evil yuppie. -- Denise Grollmus
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