Bill Belichick's PB&J Sucks

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Bill Belichick might have bragging rights for his undefeated New England Patriots, but his cooking skills are on par with those of a third-grader. That’s right, Belichick knows how to make a PB&J sammich. The Hoodie doesn’t appear to have much acumen in the kitchen. If we know anything about our old friend Bill, however, it’s that when he cooks dinner for his wife (or mistress, or whomever), he probably orders take out and then puts the food in some pots and says he cooked everything himself. Cheater. Romeo Crennel might not have the upperhand in coaching, but I have to think, if given the chance, he could pull off something better in the kitchen. Looking at the man, he’d probably bring a whole cow in and slaughter it in front of everyone and make the biggest, tastiest steaks you’ve ever seen. -- Vince Grzegorek
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