Temporary Covid-Related Cleveland Restaurant Closures Mount Alongside Soaring Case Numbers

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Astoria and others have announced temorary closures as cases climb - Astoria IG
Astoria IG
Astoria and others have announced temorary closures as cases climb

It’s beginning to feel like déjà vu all over again. As Coronavirus cases are spiking at an alarming rate thanks to variants like Delta and Omicron, numerous Cleveland area restaurants are feeling compelled to close their doors.

Some are reporting a staffer who tested positive, others that they have been exposed to an infected customers, and still others electing to close as a preventative measure.

Over the weekend, Doug Katz announced that he was ceasing dine-in service at Zhug in Cleveland Heights effective immediately. This is not a one- or two-day pause, but rather one that will last “several weeks.” In the meantime, take-out will continue.

“We want to make sure we are doing our part to ensure the safety of our staff and our community,” says management.

Astoria announced that it was closing the café until January 4th, but the market will remain open for retail sales.

Luxe, Vero, Soho, Michael's Genuine, Happy Dog, Flying Fig, Prosperity Social Club, Thai Thai, Cafe Avalaun, Momo’s and many others have recently posted about closing – for a day or longer. Others will doubtless join in as cases continue to mount and public health officials beg the general public to limit in-person gatherings.

The bottom line: Before heading out, check the restaurant’s social media pages to see if they are open, closed or switching to take-out only. Show up only if you're vaccinated and preferably boosted. And be good about masking and distancing as restaurant staff attempt to work through the spike.

And for those restaurants that have scaled back to take-out and delivery only, try and support them any way possible as this winter is looking pretty bleak - again - for small businesses.

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