Daddy's: If you can get past Glamazon, you'll have fetish-tastic time

So this is what you get when you Google-image "fetish bar."
I’d never been to a fetish bar until last weekend, for the grand opening of Daddy’s in the rehabbed basement of the rustic gay club, Cocktails Cleveland. But thanks to a dominatrix named Glamazon and her intimidating cat o’nine tails, I was given a grand tour of the new leather-rubber-and-jeans club, where revelers marked the occasion with a burger-and-hot-dog barbecue on Cocktails’ patio. The club is the brainchild of leatherman Brian Lyons, who also owns the original Cocktails -Daddy’s combo in Akron. To enter, you need to pass inspection by the burly doorman in Cocktails. Once he gives his nod of approval, you walk to the back door and through the smokers’ patio before steadying yourself on a rickety flight of steps to the basement. (How the 6-foot-3 Glamazon managed not to fall in her five-inch black stiletto boots still baffles me.) ...
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