Northeast Ohio's First Culver's is Absolutely Worth the Drive to Avon, From Someone Who Grew Up on the Stuff

click to enlarge Northeast Ohio's First Culver's is Absolutely Worth the Drive to Avon, From Someone Who Grew Up on the Stuff
Courtesy of Culver's

From the moment I moved to Northeast Ohio from a lifetime in the Chicagoland area, my heart has felt less full. Of course I miss the luxury of traveling anywhere in the city by train, Vienna Beef hotdogs used in every location and my Cubbies, but the true pain has been being without Culver's cheese curds and concrete mixers.

Until now, as Northeast Ohio's first Culver's is now open in Avon at 1439 Center Road.

For those who've never had their tongue touched by the glorious sensation of Culver's, it's like Wisconsin's version of Swensons. Growing up, one of my best friend's parents owned our hometown Culver's, which meant we spent a lot of time splitting family size boxes of cheese curds after sporting events and school dances.

Wisconsin cheese is otherworldly. Culver's cheese curds come with regular cheddar and white cheddar, and both are delicious enough to elicit non-human sounds from your body the second the heavenly goo melts out of its deep-fried shell. I'm probably 70 percent cheese curds at this point, and I'm not even mad.

Because the chain is from Wisconsin, they aren't afraid to lather up their toasted buns with the most delectable butter your mouth will ever be fortunate enough to taste. Their butter burgers are what made them famous, and it's easy to understand once you bite into one.

Culver's also has vegan and gluten-free options for those looking to be a little more health-conscious, which isn't easy to come by for eateries which also offer a drive-thru option.

All of Culver's meals are made-to-order, giving a fresher tasting meal than most fast-eating options. The menu is huge, giving an opportunity for a stomach-pleasing meal even the pickiest of eaters. If you've got the palate of a 6-year-old and prefer to order chicken strips and fries wherever you go, take solace knowing the chicken from Culver's is the crispiest and juiciest strip you'll ever taste.

It's not only the perfect "American" style dining, but it's also the hands-down best hangover cure I've ever had. Washing away last night's regrets with deep fried cheese is how I someday want to die.

But the crown jewel of Culver's is their custard. Holy Mother of God, the custard. Custard may look like ice cream, but don't be fooled. This is a thicker, creamier, smoother style of an iced dairy treat and Culver's offers 'Concrete Mixers,' which make Dairy Queen Blizzards look like the basic bitch of blended candy and cream desserts. You can mix flavor sauces, candies, cookies, fruit and whatever else your heart desires to create the perfect dessert to cap your dining experience.

Trust me, Culver's is worth the trek to the 'burbs. No need to thank me, just bring back some cheese curds.
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