Watch Ron Jeremy Crack Some Eggs

Two classy ladies try to coax Ron Jeremy in spilling his recipe for Char Siu Duck.
Nope, that headline's not slang for some unspeakable act Ron pulled off in Hung Wankenstein; this is an honest-to-God video of adult-filmdom’s favorite roly-poly cheeseball making a swiss and mushroom omelet. And it's just one of hundreds of cooking demonstrations now posted at Launched this past May as a recipe-sharing site, Imcooked has become a tasty blend of You Tube and Epicurious, as famous, infamous, and anonymous cooks come together in a virtual video community to show off their favorite chops. Among the uploads, catch actor Christopher Walken roasting a chicken, Sir Paul McCartney mashing spuds, and hundreds of folks just like you and me -- only, in Jeremy's case, rich and hung like a grey whale -- demonstrating skills as diverse as sushi making, knife sharpening, and pie baking. For founder Joseph Leibovic, the free site is a great leveler, bridging the divide between gourmets and everyday eaters. "Most people who don't know the first thing about cooking have one dish they know how to make and love making it,” he says. “This is for them.” It could also be a chance for ambitious unknowns to try a little viral marketing; with thousands of hits a day, it seems like only a matter of time before the site serves up its own online food star. --- Elaine T. Cicora
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