Adoration makes its local debut at the Cedar Lee

Adoration, the latest movie from veteran filmmaker Atom Egoyan, makes its local debut this weekend at the Cedar Lee Theatre. Here's our review of the movie.

Adoration A video-obsessed teen named Simon (Devon Bostick) gets carried away with a class assignment that requires him to imagine what his life would have been like if he had been born to different parents. So Simon creates a fictional story in which his father (Noam Jenkins) was a terrorist who blew up a plane. Once his story gets on the Internet, it causes a good deal of controversy because everyone thinks it’s true. It doesn’t help that Simon is an orphan himself, and his only role models are his coarse tow-truck-driver uncle Tom (Scott Speedman) and his racist grandfather. Because of the way Simon mixes up his life with that of the character he’s created, the plot’s often confusing and difficult to follow. Yet Atom Egoyan’s film has an intensity to it and shows just how complex (and screwed up) human relationships can get, particulary as Simon’s teacher Sabine (Arsinée Khanjian) starts to second-guess the assignment she gave and begins stalking his uncle until she reveals a secret from her past. *** (Jeff Niesel)

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