Even angel-on-angel action can't redeem Legion

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Legion starts with a bang as Michael (Paul Bettany) drops from the sky and proceeds to cut off his wings and pick up whatever ammunitions he can. The film quickly takes a detour to a small diner (appropriately named Paradise Falls) in the middle of the Mojave Desert where a yuppie couple (Jon Tenney and Willa Holland) is waiting for its Beemer to get fixed and diner owner (Dennis Quaid) is arguing with his eight months pregnant waitress Charley (Adrianne Palicki). All this small town drama is rather dull and slows the pace of the film. It’s not long, however, before things pick back up. Michael shows up at the diner and tells everyone he’s a fallen angel who was sent to kill Charley’s baby. Instead, he’s disobeyed God and now wants to protect her and her child, who is destined to lead humankind out of darkness. Michael and crew fend off numerous attacks, and it’s not long before we get some angel-on-angel action as God sends Gabriel (Kevin Duran), who, it turns out, is one mean son of a bitch, to finish off everyone. While the whole angel thing is a good twist, as far as apocalypse films go, Legion is nothing special. The various subplots are so corny, they don't effectively give the film the kind of pathos it seeks and you're more likely to find the cartoonish violence to be unintentionally funny. **

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