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Who decided it would be a cool idea to make Mark Wahlberg an action star? In his best movies — his breakthrough role as a super-dick porn star in Boogie Nights, a surprisingly solid turn as the desk jockey who takes care of some final business in The Departed — he tunes down his Boston-bred brawn and comes off like a career-minded doofus. In his latest crime-drama quickie, Wahlberg plays an ex-smuggler who's dragged back in the game for one more score by a bunch of ruthless dudes with a complicated plan and plenty of weapons. Wahlberg runs around a lot but never really goes anywhere. Just like this movie.

Billy the Exterminator: The Complete Season Four (A&E)

The reality TV show about a dude who takes care of pest problems couldn't be set in any other place but the South. Where else would you just happen to stumble upon big-ass snakes and ferocious gators but in Louisiana bayou country? Exactly.

Cinema Verite (HBO)

This kinda-fascinating, kinda-dull look at TV's first reality show — PBS' 1973 series An American Family — stars Diane Lane and Tim Robbins as the Louds, whose marriage, among other things, falls apart on camera. Not as good as the real thing.

Pariah (Universal)

A teen struggles with her sexuality in this absorbing indie drama by first-time director Dee Rees. Adepero Oduye plays the 17-year-old black girl at the center of the story, and she's terrific as she wrestles with all the usual growing-up shit and then some.

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