Local Filmmaker Launches Collaborative Online Film Project

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Courtesy of Matt Pallotta
Ever since Ohio issued a shelter-in-place order last month, local filmmaker and business owner Matt Pallotta, who runs Frame One Media, has taken to making multiple short movies that address the complexities of quarantining.

“I’ve been doing video production and making indie films for close to two decades,” says Pallotta. “I went to Kent State for media production and have continued to work there as an adjunct for a decade.”

Two years ago, started his own production company and now makes films ranging from “corporate to commercial to industrial and everything in between.”

“Filmmaking is my passion,” he says.

Dubbed the Social Distancing Film Project, his latest effort involves dozens of professional and amateur actors from across the country. The project has helped him to form a virtual creative community and has expanded to involve a wide range of “creatives,” local personalities and actors who've been involved in large Hollywood productions.

“Early on during the quarantine, I made the short video ‘Manic Isolation,’” Pallotta explains. “I did it just for fun, and it made me realize how much I need to be doing creative stuff. I wanted to do something fun, but I can’t get actors and crew and the stuff I need. I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Having this positive outlet was important for me.”

He then posted on Facebook that he wanted to do a collaborative film project and asked who would be interested.

“I got an overwhelmingly positive reaction,” he says. “I started a Facebook page with all the content on it. I made some artwork and an intro video. About 100 people replied. I would give everyone a prompt and one involved a chase. It could be whatever people wanted. I wanted to keep things PG-13. Most of what was sent in was comedy. Since then, I did scenes and shot some stuff myself to build a narrative cohesive story, so it’s a film and not just disconnected vignettes. We have some people who know me and some really talented local actors and people from L.A. and the East Coast and everywhere in between.”

Pallotta has received some positive feedback from none other than comedian and filmmaker Bob Saget, who reviewed one of his short films.

“I sent it to him and asked him to review it,” says Pallotta. “He could have just said, ‘No.’ I told him to be as mean as he wanted and that he could roast me, but he was really sincere.”

At 8 p.m. on Thursday on Facebook, Pallotta will host an online watch party for the film.

“I don’t know what project is next, but I hope the people who collaborate with me on the film will want to do something in person once social distancing ends,” says Pallotta. “I’m an extrovert, so not being around people has been a bummer.”

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