Opening: Dark Skies

Even the worst X-Files episode had more going for it than this dismal film that stars Lacy (Keri Russell) and Daniel (Josh Hamilton) are a wife and husband trying to deal with some strange activity affecting their two children, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and Sam (Kadan Rockett). As the film begins, the couple discovers that something (or something) has been breaking into their house and wreaking havoc. One night, they wake up to find their refrigerator has been raided. Another night, they find items from the cupboard have been stacked into some strange sculpture. And on yet another night, all the family photos disappear. There’s a certain amount of intrigue at this point in the film, but that quickly dissipates as the alien activity escalates. At this point, she’s convinced they’re dealing with aliens and she tracks down the local alien aficionado (J.K. Simmons, channeling Hunter S. Thompson) who then confirms her suspicions and tells her she and her husband need to fight back if they want to keep their children from being abducted. They take his advice to heart and begin buying up ammunitions in advance of what they anticipate will be a war. The dramatic end just delivers more sci-fi cliches.
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Jeff Niesel

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