Reese's Stinky Pieces

How do we know this movie sucks? Read on

Despite its generic, forgettable title, How Do You Know features a needlessly convoluted plot -- especially for a romantic comedy. Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) likes Matty (Owen Wilson). Matty likes Lisa. George (Paul Rudd) also likes Lisa. Competition ensues, and Lisa must choose between the two guys. George is wrapped up in some sort of federal investigation in an unnecessary and confusing subplot, which seems to be shoehorned into the movie just so Jack Nicholson can get some screen time. And why does writer and director James L. Brooks work in a ringing cell phone every few minutes? It’s an obnoxious interruption that kills any pacing the movie is trying to sustain. Some of the performances are good, especially the always charming Rudd, but it’s hard to get wrapped up in such a predictable and formulaic story. --Ben Gifford
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