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A capsule review of Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror.

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Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
One thing that can be said for Snoop's latest foray into the horror genre is that it doesn't hold back. That's good and bad: Horror fans should appreciate the no-holds-barred gore, but the overly broad raunchy humor might give Adam Sandler pause. It turns out that, much as Bill O'Reilly has long suspected, Snoop has sold his soul to the devil and now functions as a hip crypt keeper, spinning three tales of doomed downtown denizens: a tagger, a slumlord, and a rapper. The first story, involving a graffiti artist with a demonic tattoo, is by far the best, thanks in large part to effective cameos by Danny Trejo and Billy Dee Williams. The proceedings get steadily more ridiculous after that, with a plot point in the final segment hinging on the hilariously false idea that wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is unrecognizable under a mask. Director Stacy Title's smartest call was to have some nifty animated interstitials segue between each story; the Frank Miller-meets-Mike Mignola vibe of these makes you wish the whole movie had been a cartoon, rather than merely cartoonish.
Rated R. Opens Friday.

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