Why Did I Get Married Too is another formulaic Tyler Perry film

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A comma and a question mark aren't the only things missing from Why Did I Get Married Too, the latest Tyler Perry joint. Also conspicuously absent from this tiresome sequel in which the same four couples from Perry's 2007 gabfest spend a week in the Caribbean dissecting their marital woes ad nauseam is originality, genuine wit or pathos, nuance of any kind and decent performances. (Even old pros like Louis Gossett Jr. and Cicely Tyson look like rank amateurs under Perry's inept tutelage.) After writing, directing and starring in ten films since 2005, Perry's cinematic oeuvre has become so formulaic, dull and yes, "minstrelly," that you might think they were mass-produced from an assembly line in his Atlanta studio. Until Perry hires a real director (and writer), maybe it's time to call for a moratorium on these self-indulgent ego trips masquerading as movies. An African-American Douglas Sirk he ain't. **

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