30 Seconds to Mars show, Part I

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Though I have many interesting and shocking stories to share from the 30 Seconds to Mars show, I have narrowed it down to one personal favorite: A very inebriated and very bloody girl was brought to the office about three songs into the night. Getting answers from her was difficult to say the least. And just as I was about to lose my patience and turn her over to authorities, her boyfriend comes to the office to explain the situation. With him was another girl who was crying hysterically, whom I immediately banished from my safe confines. Turns out, they had all gone outside for a smoke, and the hysterical girl triple-dog-dared the bloody girl to swing on the bars on our awning out by the Prospect parking lot. So the inebriated bloody girl apparently made her best attempt at an Olympian, and fell about five feet, face-first into the concrete. As I'm assessing the damage done to the bloody girl, I realize she has NO teeth. Moments later, one of my trusty security guards comes into the office WITH HER TEETH IN HIS HAND. I literally puked in my own mouth. Soon after, the paramedics arrived, driving the hysterical girl into even more of a frenzy. With a ton of prodding, and threats of turning her over to the police, we finally got the bloody girl onto the stretcher. The paramedics had had enough, and I was definitely at my wits' end, blood, teeth, hysterics, so I was glad to see her go. For some reason, the paramedics covered her with a white blanket, including her head. When they wheeled her out into the lobby, they passed her hysterical friend who began screaming, "MY FRIEND IS DEAD, I KILLED MY FRIEND, SHE'S DEAD." I didn't have the heart to tell her that her friend was not dead, so I shut the office door and went on with my night. -- Andrea Sweazy, promoter, the Agora

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