Rap Album (www.ihatetheaai.com)

High Tension
After years of thuggin', blingin', and getting crunky with it, it's time for hip-hop to get back to the basics, and AAI lead the charge with Rap Album. Coming straight outta Brook Park, Matt and Jeremy Knize address important topics that have been sadly neglected in recent rap -- like their nuts. Distasteful as some may find it, the chorus to "Suck My Balls" -- forgive us if we don't quote any more lyrics -- is, hands down, Cleveland's catchiest come-curse-with-me party jam of the year. This is assuming that your idea of a good party is spraying Faygo on your Juggalo buds.

Overstuffed with irresistible hooks, AAI's debut disc is as gloriously egregious as anything from the Juggalo nation. But the duo delivers the goods with a big wink, not a middle finger. "Don't Beat Me, Dad!!!" is more clever -- and way more fun -- than the fading rash of whiny nü-metal rap-rock. Detroit's that way, fellas.

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