Adrian Legg

Monday, August 11, at Wilbert's.

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Freaky Friday
You can't listen to Adrian Legg for long without being exposed to a lot of different music. Eclecticism appears to be a natural state for the critically acclaimed London-born guitarist. Shifting gears from delicate classical phrasing to country-blues romp, from simple folk melody to ear-opening jazz harmony, is just business as usual for Legg, who transcends musical categories by invoking them all.

Superb technician that he is, Legg's ultimate strength is the creativity his technique serves. Licks are never more important than the song in which they appear. Guitar Bones, released early this year, is Legg's 13th album, and it delivers on all fronts. Never staying in one setting for too long, Legg consistently makes intriguing and delightful music. For all the accolades his discs have garnered, he prefers live gigs. Word is that he's more than a little chatty on stage and frequently funny to boot.

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