Adventures in Beer-Punk

You Have Ten Seconds singer Jeff Lamm made his name fronting Half Life, Pittsburgh's flagship hardcore band through the '80s and '90s -- but don't chuck your PBR at his head and yell "Steelers suck" just yet. He's originally from Stark County. Backed by members of Akron's Dropgun, his latest band plays mostly songs from Half Life's early, Oi!-inspired street-punk period, with some originals and choice covers from Naked Raygun and Negative Approach. Call it beer-punk. In an online exclusive, Lamm explains why YH10S is not only necessary, but crucial (assuming you need a few beers, and you want 'em on the cheap). When Half Life played reunion shows in 2001 and 2004, the band didn't want to play these songs? "Well, [You Have Ten Seconds is] playing the songs from [Half Life's] Never Give In record, which was our biggest seller and had all my favorite songs. When we did the Half Life reunion shows, it was a very specific lineup from a short period of our existence. [That lineup] toured the U.S.A., recorded, and put out a record during that time, and we did pretty well. But people really like the later stuff. The reunion-show lineup, a couple of the guys just didn't want to play certain songs they were not originally involved with. At the shows, people kept asking me why we didn't play certain songs, so here they are in all their glory." What's the goal for the band? "This is definitely about having fun and having a laugh with friends. And a few free beers. I've been listening to hardcore punk since I was 13, 14 years old. I love it -- despite some of the changes punk rock has gone through, the real shit is still out there. You just gotta look a little harder to get past the posers." So the world needs you? Well . . . uh . . . if you like your punk rock delivered fast, furious, and beer soaked, then we're the band for you. If you're coming to a show to be enlightened, educated, or adored by hipsters, go somewhere else. -- D.X. Ferris Catch You Have Ten Seconds' live debut 10 p.m. Friday, October 6, at Annabell's (link: ), 784 West Market St., Akron, $5, 330-535-1112.
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