Air Conditioning

Dead Rails (Load Records)

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Air Conditioning burly workaholics traditional rock
Ever listen to the hums and knocks of your fridge? They ain't half bad. They would totally rock if you could turn their volume way, way up.

That's why Air Conditioning exists. As its name implies, the Pennsylvania trio jams loud enough to alter the atmosphere.

But AC's records have yet to bottle the face-blasting wail of its live show. Dead Rails, Air Conditioning's latest and first for the Load imprint, tries to rectify the situation. With surprisingly clean production, the mix is dominated by traditional rock drums. Unfortunately, this forces overdriven guitars and pedal-processed vocals (barking, really) to battle over what little territory remains. What's more, the band continues to write songs based on indie rock forms that don't maximize the group's droning roar. As a result, Dead Rails often sounds like dudes yelling into a tin can instead of a huge megaphone.

But these guys are burly workaholics; they ain't giving up without a fight. So keep an eye on future releases, and catch the band live when you can.

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