Alice in Waaaahhhhh!!!

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Looks like you're gonna have to read about Alice in Chain's upcoming House of Blues concert somewhere else.

Apparently, the band read something I wrote a couple weeks ago about Elton John playing on their new album and they're not too happy about it.

House of Blues is really good to us here at Scene. We love them. They hook C-Notes' writers up all the time with review tickets for shows. But I was just notified that for the first time ever, a band's management came back with "No. Scene can't have tickets to our show. We're big babies who can't take criticism." Then (and we're just guessing about this part) they all started crying again.

Of course, we could find some tickets to the sold-out show online and send someone to review it anyway. But there's a pretty good chance the concert would suck and our writer would give them a bad review. Which would most likely cause another bout of weeping. And we certainly don't want to have a reputation as the meanie who keeps making Alice in Chains cry. —Michael Gallucci

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